Big bluefin tuna fishing


The ocean is my passion! Since I was young I have always been drawn toward the ocean. If I wasn't surfing I was fishing or free diving. In 1999 I became passionate about fishing and the gear I use became more innovative as the years passed, bringing us to today, small 2 speed dual drag reels and small diameter rods capable of landing some personal best fish.

In 2016 an idea came to me after the ongoing annoyance of not having a place to secure my lures, hooks and fishing line to my rod setups. This resulted in damaging my rods and reels from attaching my lures and hooks to the eyelets or reel frame and handle. I then devised hardware store bought products that would hold my lures and hooks but not secure my fishing line without having to tie it. This idea evolved into what was developed in early 2018, and in September 2018 “IT'S A KATCH” was born into the first local tackle shop. IT'S A KATCH a unique patented design Lure, Hook and Line Holder is also a finger trigger protects your rods and reels from damage and provides a convenient place to secure those items to your rods.  

My journey with the anglers, tackle shops, other fishing product developers, friends, family etc that I have known and came across over the years have influenced me to make not only this unique Made In America product, but to also keep the quality a priority.